LOL菠菜竞猜App sets you up for success.

LOL菠菜竞猜App is different. You learn from professors who are top of their field, not only in academics, but in applied and industry knowledge. With this type of college education, you don’t just learn from lectures and textbooks. Courses at Hawai‘i Pacific University are hands-on and interactive. You study under and learn from faculty who excel at teaching face-to-face and in online environments, making your learning experience seamless.

You will fit right in.

LOL菠菜竞猜App is different, and inclusive. You will experience things here that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world. You will receive a private university education and experiment with hands-on learning. Get ready to make friends who are also excited about new experiences, people, and perspectives.

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Learn from the best.

LOL菠菜竞猜App's diverse faculty come from elite professional and educational backgrounds. No graduate students teach in the classroom – meaning you’ll learn directly from the best.

Hawai‘i residents, LOL菠菜竞猜App is committed to making a personalized private education affordable for every student from Hawai‘i. If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, we are committed to helping you complete your college degree at LOL菠菜竞猜App at a price you can afford.

  • Student Spotlight

    Elizabeth Milner

    Elizabeth is a sophomore at LOL菠菜竞猜App who is participating in the LECOM program and is also part of the Honors Program at LOL菠菜竞猜App. Born and raised in a small town in Michigan called Blissfield, Elizabeth knew at an early age that she would become a doctor.

    Learn More About Elizabeth’s Journey into Medical School

  • Faculty Spotlight

    Vincent Tsushima

    Professor Vincent Tsushima, Ph.D., J.D., has taught psychology at LOL菠菜竞猜App for over 20 years. Born in New York and raised in Hawai‘i, Professor Tsushima has a remarkable ability to connect with students, making the pursuit of an undergraduate and/or graduate degree in psychology at LOL菠菜竞猜App both fun and tremendously rewarding.

    Learn More About Professor Tsushima

  • Alumni Spotlight

    Ahmed Al Lawati '18

    Ahmed was always drawn to the sea, riveted by the aquatic life beneath the surface. Born and raised in the historic city of Muscat, Ahmed grew up where the sea plays a great role for the residents of Oman. Ahmed majored in marine science at LOL菠菜竞猜App and is now pursing his dream of being a marine biologist for one of the leading environmental service companies in the Middle East.

    Learn more about Ahmed’s Experience at LOL菠菜竞猜App